Contemporary, relevant and current.


What's important isn't going on right now. It's what's around the corner that matters. The new brigade disregards what's happening in front of their face because they're on the path to a new level.

Toronto-based alternative soul singer Lori Nuic is that next music height.

This latest work is sincere and seductive yet purposeful and unafraid to taunt musical parameters. Coupling Nuic's pursuit of genuine musicianship, personality and her richly luxurious voice, it's the result of years of past colliding against what's about to reinvent the now.

“Music has always been a big part of my life,” she chimes. “It was always playing on the radio at home or in the car, I took music and dance lessons as a child and I could hear singing around me all the time so it just seemed natural to delve into it further.”

Pursue it, she has, amassing both critical and fan praise. From pivotal showcases at prominent events including Canadian Music Week, NXNE and winning a variety of revered competitions including The Beat 91.5’s 2004 Rhythm of the Future talent search, CMW’s 2005 Urban Star Quest, Flow 93.5’s Hook-Up Prize for song production at 2005’s Honey Jam and a 2008 and 2012 Toronto Independent Music Award for “Best Pop,” her work has been heralded across the nation.

She's performed with Jarvis Church on CBC Radio’s Canada Raves On Motown 50th anniversary celebration of Motown Records, Canada’s National Jazz Awards, The Calgary Stampede and select dates in the U.K., Chile and in the UAE at the Dubai International Jazz Festival. Nuic has also shared the stage with colleagues Keshia Chante, Jully Black, Simply Red, Arrested Development and Maceo Parker.

Inspired by a wealth of musical greats from the likes of vocal mavens Gladys Knight and Lauryn Hill to Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Fishbone, Etta James, Dinah Washington, Shirley Bassey and The Black Crowes, this secondary opus finds Nuic refusing to pull any punches lyrically or musically. From blindingly tight arrangements to raw, uncompromising lyrics characterized by unforgettable turns of phrase that are simultaneously universal and surprisingly intimate.

Nuic notes how she was aware that her inimitable sound and style would be indelibly impacted by her musical, directional and artistic choices during both the writing and recording process. Drawing on influences ranging from contemporary to classic R&B, rock and pop, Nuic asserts that she was interested not in deliberately trying to retool her sound so much as invite a natural process of taking it all in. Letting the sounds blend together and relying on her creative instincts to do the rest, the results are showcased via the refined but natural, stark albeit elegant and intense yet subtle essence of this next offering.


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